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Q. How much experience do you have?


A. I have ten years of teaching experience in a range of different schools with extra-curricular clubs throughout my career and 5 years of STEM, including the role of STEM Coordinator, before starting STEMtastic.


Q. Can I find out more for free?


A. Of course! Email or call for a free consultation.


Q. How much does it cost?


A. This depends entirely on what you would like for your school, but there are ways to reduce the cost, for example charging a small fee for attendance to after school clubs. This is usually cheaper than after school care for parents.

Alternatively, if you are running an after school club yourself and just want curriculum provision, this will cost less. Email or call to discuss your needs and get an estimate.

You could always consider working with other local schools to spread the cost, especially if you are part of a trust. This works well for in-lesson provision of STEM.


Q.  What age group is STEM suitable for?


A. All ages! STEMtastic has worked with pupils from reception to GCSE, as well as training PGCE students and experienced teachers.


Q. Does STEMtastic operate across the country?


A. Although based in the West Midlands, STEMtastic can travel to clients when required. Some curriculum provision can be provided via email after telephone, Face time or Skype conversations.


Q. How long does a teacher training session take?


A. How long would you like? It can be designed to fit into the normal CPD allotted time e.g. after school meeting, or take place during a training day. This is a bespoke service so it can be as long as you need it to be.


Q. Why should I use STEMtastic instead of another company?


A. STEMtastic is run by an award winning experienced teacher who knows the importance of quality resources as well as understanding that all schools and all pupils are different and have different requirements. We do not take a one size fits all approach, but offer a unique, bespoke service priced sensibly.


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