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Science Party FAQ's

Why should I choose STEMtastic for a party?


Unlike other companies, STEMtastic is run by an award winning teacher and education consultant. This means that not only is the presenter DBS checked, they are knowledgeable ad can explain the concepts being explored in the activities. Each party is designed to teach science whilst having fun!


Is there a show or just experiments?


STEMtastic believes the best way to learn is by taking part, so the whole party is interactive.


What does STEMtastic need for the party?


For your party, STEMtastic needs access to a sink, and a table large enough for all the children to stand around. If you don’t have enough tables at home or at the venue, STEMtastic can bring up to two foldout tables but these must be requested.


What age is it recommended for?


These parties are best recommended for ages 7-13 but they can be tailored for any age. Call or email for more information!


Will it be messy?


Yes! A certain amount of mess is to be expected, it is a party after all. But, all “mess” can be easily wiped or hoovered up and the majority will be cleaned up by STEMtastic. No permanent damage should occur if instructions are followed.


Will there be lab coats and goggles?


Not all scientists wear goggles and lab coats! STEMtastic firmly believes that science exists in many forms, so goggles are only worn for safety reasons, when appropriate.


Do parents need to supervise?


No, but some adults would be helpful in the room. Plus, its good fun to watch or join in!


Why do I have to pay before the party date?


To ensure that everyone has the opportunity for a party, bookings need to be confirmed and payment received before the party date. Payment can be made through PayPal for the confidence and security of both the customer and STEMtastic.

Got another question? Call, email or use the contact form below!

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